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Because the level of uncertainty in your life right now requires you to gain confidence in the future you are creating, for yourself, your family, and your future career. Whether you are choosing to change your job, or take your business in a new and different way, or even start a community project, we all need a lot more focus, and that is EXACTLY what this
 21 Day Challenge offers you!
So are you ready to own your feminine fire and rise like the phoenix?
Then read on! 
 You know you want to transform your life, and that there is more for you to enjoy and experience in each and every area of life.  
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In This Challenge
You Are Going to Discover
Whether you have what it really takes to bring your vision to fruition, the kind of leader you wish to be and just how BIG you can dream!
Time Mastery, Leadership, Money Manifestation and Soul Purpose are just some of the key ingredients we will be working with, so if you are ready to heat things up, let’s get cooking!
I dream BIG, and there is very little that scares me, and I am going to share with you some of my essential secrets to overcoming fear and rejection so you not only dream BIG but you reap the BIG rewards too!
Visions need commitment, energy and focus; and in this programme you are going to discover just how much you have of each.
This programme is designed for those who are truly committed to their vision. It is for those willing to invest everything they’ve got in time, energy and self-belief. It is for those who want to do the work and create a better life for themselves. 
It is not for those who listen to other people’s negativity, or for those who choose to make excuses.  
You even have a private Facebook group where you can join a community rather than going it alone and being a lone wolf.
Yes, I Want to Join the
21 Day The Phoenix Rising
Challenge Now!
I am a visionary and I know you are too  you wouldn’t have considered this course if you weren’t. Some of this content I save for my 1:1 clients, but now it is time to share it with all of you.

Whilst writing this programme for you, I kept shaking my head thinking to myself  “This content is HUGE!! I should be charging so much more for it, SO MUCH MORE!” 

But when soul says a price, you listen. 
So are you ready to: 
  • Impact the world inspiring others?
  • Become the very best and happiest version of self?
  • Take action and create magical results like never before?
  • Listen to soul, allowing the Universe to guide you?
  • Create quantum shifts and meet your soul mates?
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You will receive:
1 x 1:1 kickstart session with me which you can use at anytime throughout the challenge
An email everyday with action points and journaling prompts to get you in action and diving deeper into what you truly want
A daily inspirational 7-15 minute training video to encourage you to think differently and motivate you
Private Facebook Group with a growing community of women who are also rising to their next level
Ongoing weekly zoom trainings on a variety of different subjects
New ways of thinking, being and achieving for life!
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You see, I know the feeling of wanting more, knowing you were born for more than mediocrity. 

And even though you are happy with your life, or your ‘lot’ as some people refer to it as, you can’t help but think about how life would be if you actually followed that dream of yours, followed that yearning deep inside of you, and just got on with that project that keeps swimming around in your head, distracting your from the reality right in front of you.

I also know what it is like to be a high achiever, feeling like I am nowhere near where I could be and my full potential is still far ahead of me… whilst everyone else thinks I am already ‘doing too much’

You and I both know there is ALWAYS more.

We were born for more, and we know the more we achieve, the more we dream, the more we achieve, the excitement builds, and the journey is always just beginning!

People like you and me were born to not just serve ourselves either.
We were born to live a life of service, to raise the vibration of the planet, to inspire others, to lead with heart, passion and purpose.
And you know your life up until now has been preparing you for this moment in time where you get to create a vision so powerful, so inspiring for you and others, so energising that the legacy you leave behind will benefit families, communities and generations to come in the most beautiful of ways.
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You and I both know of our paths have crossed at this time due to Divine Timing.

Our coming together is no accident, or random coincidence.

You know by signing up you are choosing to clarify your vision, create EPIC results and leverage your life to the next levels of abundance.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to give YOURSELF permission to gift yourself permission to HAVE PERMISSION to BE, DO and HAVE ALL YOUR HEART AND SOUL DESIRES!

So, grab those card details and let’s get started!
And I’ll see you on the other side of you gifting yourself permission to live the life you have also wanted.

Ciao for now chicas!

Dawn x

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The Phoenix Rising
The catalyst for change you have been looking for!
Now you know more about The Phoenix Rising 21 Day Challenge, and a little bit about me, here’s a little more information… just in case you have any lingering doubts about why I am the best person to lead you through this.

From the age of 8 I knew I would live at sea; there was no doubt in my mind. I now spend a lot of my time crossing oceans or sailing up the coast to my next destination around the world.

At the age of 12, I would be developing ideas on what my life looked like and I knew I would have my own businesses. Again, there was no doubt, but this time it was a knowing from deep within me.

At the age of 16 I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to train as a banqueting and conference manager. This gave me access to a 5-day business event held at the hotel I was working in. I spent 5 days of listening to an executive coach lead top business leaders through the steps of taking the vision for their business and their life to the next levels of success. 
By the end of that week I had my life mapped out up until the age of 40 with goals and a vision many people thought were fancible and wildly ambitious for a girl who would ‘only amount to being a waitress or a librarian’.

By the age of 27 I had smashed each and every single goal on that list; and created a life far beyond even what I could’ve imagined. I made a new list, this time focusing on my life up until the age of 50. Again, through the power of manifestation, firm belief in myself, continued investment in my own personal and professional development, I smashed these ‘wildly ambitious goals’ (which most people thought were ludicrous and told me were simply ‘too much’, ‘too difficult’ or ‘setting me up to fail’).

Age 35, all goals on that list smashed right out of the ballpark!

My vision is vast. It covers every area of my life working in harmony with the others. I have created multiple income streams across multiple business sectors and multiple time frames depending on the development of each idea. My overall vision is only known by me, and I have a coach or two working with me at any given moment to call each vision into being.
Many people will underestimate you, as they have underestimated me. Many people will tell you that this vision of yours is not achievable, too hard, ridiculous and some people even tell you ‘goals like this are not for people like you’.

I refuse to allow others to tell me what is and is not possible, and I am here to tell you that if you want something, then you bloody well better go for it!

This is your life, your future, your dream, your project and the fact that you are wanting to make it happen means you were born to make it happen. I have never had a doubt about my overall vision, and as each and every single day passes, I can see each part of the puzzle falling beautifully into place. 

Sharing my strategies and my own personal ‘60 – 30 – 10 Model’ with my private 1:1 clients over the last 20 years has resulted in some incredible results. One client has gone on to combine his love of football, desire to write and travel into becoming one of the world’s top sports journalists.

Another client has gone on to completely transform her life, being the first person in her family to ever attend University, get a corporate job and buy her own home.

Husbands of some of my female clients have contacted me privately to tell me I have saved their marriages due to their wives now finally becoming the excited woman she was when they first fell in love… because she went after the dream she had and became energised about life after children.

One of my clients quit her high end 6 figure city corporate job, moved to the countryside and instead of working every hour in the day with no family, no partner, she is now spends most of the time walking her dog on the beach with her husband.

All of my clients transform their lives for the better, some in the most unexpected ways. Not all of them go on to write a book, but they have all, with the content I have pulled together in this 21 Day Challenge, gone on to live much happier, healthier, more productive and abundant lives.
So, now it’s your chance to learn from me, harnessing the power of my training, mentoring and coaching in the public, private, community and individual sectors of community, across 40 different countries, cultural, religious and ethnic groups.
All you have to do is gift yourself permission to give yourself permission to have permission by signing up now and taking action over the next 21 days and beyond.

For those of you who do, I look forward to seeing you over in the group.

For those who don’t, please ask yourself why you have got this far, and are hesitating. 

What is it that is really truly stopping you?

Case Studies
Amberlee Jayde grew up wanting to be an actress, and succeeded. Then she became a mother and her journey changed. Diving deep into her own soul she realised she wanted more, and instead of being seen on the stage and screen she created Digital Village - an opportunity for her enable others to be seen through her powerful series of interviews on a wide range of topics. Through the power of the internet, she uses Digital Village to raise parents consciousness and fall in love with themselves.

Clare Coffield moved from one side of the world to the other to be closer to her son and grandchildren. She was also an incredible leader and during a lecture she was delivering she was struck down by a stroke. Not one to allow something like that to stop her, Clare has pushed through and now has a new vision of creating a new community for herself and others of her own age and utilising her professional skills to inspire and motivate others. Clare is now in the process of writing her first book 'The Stroke Warrior' aimed at transforming how we view the recovery and support of Stroke Survivors and their families.

Krysie James wanted to create a global LOVE movement for Sexual and Mental Health aimed at those coming to terms with their sexual orientation and has just launched The Blue Butterfly's Garden! It was still a seed of an idea when she invested and now.... "Dawn Louise Bates thank you lovely! Wouldn't have gotten this far already without the 21 Day Vision Creation Challenge!"

You know by signing up you are agreeing to clarify your vision, create EPIC results and leverage your life to the next levels of abundance?

OK then! Grab those card details and let’s get started!
Your future is waiting!
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