Discover the holistic method of turning “One day I’ll write a book” into “the day I became the AUTHORity of my own life”

You've always wanted to write your book but you don't how to get started. Well, your Author's Story starts here!
Do you attend a creative writing course? 

Buy a book on ‘How to write a book’?

 Download trainings on ‘how to get published’ or just sit and write the book?

Maybe you’ve tried all of the above, and yet here you are still without even a manuscript to publish.

And how do you go about publishing? 

Do you self-publish or go with an agent and publisher?

How do you get all these ideas in your head organised and down on paper?

How do you make serious money from this book when you only get a few $$ per copy sold?

These are the most common questions would be authors have, and the very questions that stop them writing their book and succeeding as an author.

  • Sat for hours and hours simply staring at the screen not knowing where to start  
  • ​Made numerous attempts and they are all stored on your hard drive in various folders
  • ​An OK version of an attempt which just needs digging out after years and updating
  • ​Been side tracked too many times and now if you don’t do it, you’ll never do it
  • Worried about the grammar police tearing your book apart 
  • Overwhelmed by the enormity of the whole ‘going public’ thing 
  • Afraid of what people with think of you once your book is out there
  • ​Confused about all the technicalities, the structure and the formats
Well, regardless of what you have done before, or how you feel, or which questions you have, this course is the formula you have been looking for! 
  • ​Worry about what others will think of their writing style
  • ​Comparing themselves with established authors of 100’s books 
  • ​Not reading books of the genre they are wanting to write
  • Avoid opening up the laptop and start writing
  • ​Ask family and friends to proof read their efforts
  • ​Failure to understand the business behind the book
  • ​Not knowing how to promote and sell the book
  • ​Listen to those who only read and have never written more than a shopping list
“Dawn has a special way of inspiring and motivating her groups always with her trademark giggle!"
Every session leaves you with much to ponder and the challenges she sets, makes you look deeper into the real you, enabling you to move forward into a new, clearer headspace. Since completing the challenge I have been more organised in my approach to writing, but for me the most beneficial support is being around other writers and not feeling isolated! I would highly recommend the challenge; and thank you Dawn.

Kay Rose-Hattrick, Author
“Dawn is very passionate about your success and won’t stop until you are equally as passionate; she believes in you! She will push you to your limits and then push you a little more, and that is where the breakthrough happens. You will want to laugh, cry, scream, fist pump but through it all, Dawn will be your biggest cheerleader. Love you to pieces Dawn, thank you for being you”

Robyn Bull, Business Strategist and Empowerment Coach
Because I understand the number of hours you are going to be sat writing a book or standing up if you really want to feel the energy flow through you (and do the funky dance as you nail that next paragraph!). 

This course looks at each area of your life and the impact it will have on everyone, not just you, as the journey unfolds.

We will look at the all important ‘me time’, your health, your family and social time, how to add yet another task into your already busy life, how to align all areas of your life in a way that empowers you, and we will create something so positively, powerful, it enables you to have those all-important enrolment conversations with those who matter most to you right now and those who will champion your book, brand and vision moving forward.  
Being able to write with ease is only a small part of the author journey.
You need to know and understand the business side of things, regardless of whether you choose to self-publish or go down the traditional path of finding an agent and a publishing house.  

Knowing who your audience is, fully embodying the impact you want your book to have; and the legacy you wish to leave behind are all essentials.

Crystallising your vision, understanding how to create multiple income streams as well as creating a blue print for your life and your business are all part of this 7 week transformational journey.
Overcoming your procrastination and owning your truth so you can positively impact the world with your words will become your new normal, your new super power.

By the time you have finished this 7 week course, you will have all the ingredients you need to make your goal of being a published author a reality, including the first draft of your manuscript written, book cover designed and press releases for you and your book.

This is an online 7 week course WITH 1:1 coaching!
It’s not a download and get to it later kind of course.

It is real -time.
It is 7 weeks of powerful!
Here a taster of what we are going to cover in 
the 7 modules over the next 7 weeks.
Mastering the art of book writing
We all know there are only 24 hours in a day, and it is what we do with that time that makes the different to our levels of success. 

Most of us have got a handle on our current daily lives and how to manage that, but managing is not the key to real success, mastery is. When you become a master of your time, then this is where the real magic happens

‘Fitting in another thing to do’ isn’t the answer either, and I will share with you the key secrets I have learned so you can streamline your life to enable you to continue living the life you love, removing the elements you don’t love and harnessing the power of your energy so you can master the art of sharing your story with the world, all whilst making time for yourself and those you love to spend time with.
Vision creation for maximum impact
Most authors struggle to make money from their book. Many entrepreneurs know being an author is a good idea, but don’t really know where, or how to start monetising the book for maximum return on investment and impact.

Being able to utilise a number of different media platforms following the publication of your book will be essential once it is edited; and edited in the right format. 

Creating a vision so big it excites you and calls you into action daily will add a whole new level in the game of life. Others may not be able to see your vision, but it will leave them hooked watching as it unfolds before their very eyes… the sign of any great book or TV show and movie, right?
“Dawn is an inspiration. She is living the dream. Each session I did with her was very informative and insightful. There were always tangible “takeaways”. I also very much enjoyed her books. Dawn is a great resource, and I think what she is doing is wonderful”

Kate Hull Rodgers, speaker, author and coach
7 Week author course with dawn bates
    • 16 sessions of coaching with me, 1:1, 2 per week during the course and 2 once the course is over 
    • ​Unlimited access to me via messenger enabling you to check in and share between calls  
    • ​3 hours with my graphic designer who will design the cover and present you with a mock-up of your book
    • ​3 hours with my copy and PR writer who will write for you 2 press releases, one for your book and one for you
    • ​Private Facebook Group to interact, support each other and ask questions, filled with content and other experts ready to support you on your journey
    • ​5 x 1 hour powerful thought provoking videos to get you started  
    • ​7 powerful meditations to relax the mind and activate the bubble funnels of excitement
    • 7 Week Workbook to accompany the course
    • ​7 Powerful trainings to keep forever to keep you motivated
    • ​23 Top Tips from over 10,000 authors around the world
    Becoming an author is one of the most rewarding journeys you’ll ever make, combining that with expanding your brand and creating an incredibly mind-blowing vision for your future, even more so.

    When adding to this mix a level of self-confidence and awareness like never before, being inspired by yourself rather than just other people, this course is more than just about writing a book, this is one of the most transformational courses you will ever take in your life.

    I am so looking forward to sharing this incredible journey with you, and I would love to welcome you to the most sought-after author course on the planet.

    Remember live to laugh and laugh to life, it is the only way to live.

    Ciao for now! 
    Doors open on the  11th January 2020 for 7 PEOPLE ONLY! Secure your place NOW! Either pay in one payment and secure an extra 1:1 2 sessions with me… or take advantage of the 6 and 12 month payments plans made available. 
    Back in 1994 I had the opportunity to witness something that changed my life; to be part of something that wasn’t just going to change my life, but the future generations of my family forever.

    I was working as a waitress in a beautiful hotel on the south coast of England, managing a conference of executives who had just invested over £10,000 for the week for the transformation of their businesses.
    That was, to some, a lot of money back in the early 90’s. It is still a lot of money to some now, but the thing is, these executives knew the investment was worth it; and for the 16 year old version of me who paid attention and did every bit of the homework set to these executives, it was game changing.

    I did the homework set. I listened. I went through the handouts and did the work set out in them. I bought the books. I researched the leaders mentioned on the course, and I made plans. Plans so big people laughed at me. Plans so big others couldn’t even get their heads around them; and I knew one day all these plans would come to fruition.
    And as I sit and type this out for you to read, I can tell you, all those plans set at the age of 16 ready to complete before the age of 40, were smashed by the age of 27.

    I went back to the bigger vision. The ultimate goal, the one which would be fulfilled by the age of 50. Sat outside my friend Alex’s home in Derby aged 27 I realised I wasn’t playing a big enough game. I had sold myself short, and got stuck in the negative self-talk, and the fear of losing more friends; because the more of my plans that had been coming to fruition the more friends I lost and the more family I alienated. The more spiteful comments would come out in the form of jokes and the lonelier I felt.

    Was this dream really truly worth it?

    Fast forward to present day and those people are no longer in my life, and I am happier and more fulfilled than ever before.

    I have achieved so much more than even I thought I would; and all those things I joked about achieving, all those things I dreamed I would do, but never believed in being able to do because I didn’t know how, well let’s just say with in the amount of money invested in myself over the years with coaches, books, training courses and travel, I have either achieved them all or in the process of achieving them.

    Along the way I have had a life-threatening illness, lived through civil war, got divorced after 18 years and fought the police and justice system in Scotland and won. I could have used these as excuses to give up on my dreams, many people do, but neither you or I are those kind of people.  

    We know with every dollar invested in our vision, we more than make the money back; but it is never really about the money is it? It’s about the dream, the vision, the impact, the expansion, that fist pumping, giggling whilst dancing around the kitchen kinda moments that fill out body with the bubble funnels and the drive to do more, become more and have more adventures and experiences in life. 

    We are the game changers.

    We are the ones who believe everything, and anything is possible.  

    We are the ones who own our truth, speak our truth and share our truth because not only do we know it empowers others to live their dreams, we also know it leaves others with no excuses to hide behind… and it leaves those who do want to run to the press with stories about us and our past nothing to go on because we can simply refer people to the books we have written owning our truth, leaving us to just get on with what we driven to achieve.

    No distractions.

    Just pure excitement and focus.

    We create from our truth.

    We create strength and courage within others.

    We create visions so big no one else gets them, unless they too are visionaries like us.

    We create books and blueprints for our businesses that change the game for so many people.

    We create opportunities where others see problems.

    We create freedom and excitement for ourselves and our readers.

    And that is why we do the things we do.

    Because like I said when I was protesting in Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Uprising “If I want my human rights recognising, then I have to help others have their recognised too”

    If we want to live our dream life, if we want to be game changers in our own lives, then we have to enable others to live their dream lives and be game changers in their own lives.

    Speaking our truth may be uncomfortable at times, but it leaves us, and our readers, with nowhere to hide. Excuses and reasons not to do not exist, because there is nowhere for them to exist. We are honest with ourselves; we are truly naked and standing in a place of power and transformation.

    We are transformation, and that is what makes our books the ultimate tool in franchising our businesses and expanding our brand to levels like never before.

    So come join me and the others taking part in this transformational 7 week course where you really do get to be the author of your own life .

    And remember, life is for living, loving and laughing with total abandon, so live to laugh and laugh to live, it is the only way to live life joyously.

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